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Solutions for traffic analysis and filtering for telecom providers


UBIC Telco solutions allow telecom operators to:

  • comply with the requirements of regulators to restrict access to resources distributing forbidden content;
  • create additional VAS services for subscribers (“Parental control”, monitoring of internet use and traffic filtering for legal entities, package solution for educational institutions;
  • use machine learning to collect and analyze information about customer behaviour for internal purposes;
  • collect anonymized information about internet consumption for RTB market.

The solution allows to automatically download websites to be blocked from the state registry, provides an opportunity to manually add addresses and websites for blocking with specified reasons for blocking (court decisions, forbidden content, etc.), IP, domain and specific URL blocking.

The implementation of the solution does not require replacement of already implemented DPI systems. Such integration allows to create additional VAS services for subscribers and implement unified interfaces for collecting technical and statistical information for administrators.

Certificate of state registration of computer software “System for network traffic analysis” SAST-4» № 2016616256, 08.06.2016.

logo UBIC Telco
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