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X-Files. Risk management

The platform offers the systems of competitive intelligence, profile management and risk assessment towards contractors and employees


The main functions of the system: search for and collection of facts about objects, entities and individuals, across information sources (state registers, social networks, electronic mass media, corporate and external information systems); arrangement of information in profiles on evaluated objects; analytics and assessment of credit, reputation, property and tax risks; identification of hidden connections between objects and affilations; creation and investigation of the objects’ connections graph chart.

The services include software that provides both automatic text processing in the natural language using machine learning methods, including neural networks, and identification of facts, rules, risks, interconnections and notification of users for whom the work of the service is transparent. The system inputs documents, policy rules of business conduction and organization (laws, regulations, law codes) and the attendant documents in course of the company’s business activity (agreements, orders).

Risk assessment is performed on models trained with the help of machine learning. Every user always has access to the latest versions of risk identification. The services structure the gist of documents, automatically identify the facts that occur to objects which allows for finding the hidden reasons of events or predict objects’ behavior in future. 

logo X-Files. Risk management
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