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An interactive map of the Social Navigator services, which operates on the website of the Moscow Department of Labour and Social Protection of Population, was launched in June 2019 and has become an online service in demand among Muscovites. Since its launch, 835 thousand users have already used it.  
The Social Navigator service was created so that Muscovites could easily and quickly find the necessary social service for different life situations in a few clicks - from free psychological and legal assistance to job search and rehabilitation of children with disabilities. In total, the service provides almost 175 services in 24 categories at more than 770 addresses in Moscow. Information on city services and services of around 100 socially oriented NGOs, as well as several projects of corporate social responsibility of Moscow business is available on the website.
Job search and training (19.3% of all inquiries), Social Service Centers (9.1%), Help for families with disabled children (7.5%) are the most popular categories of social services that Muscovites were searching for via the Social Navigator in 2020. Legal Aid (7.2%), Help in a Crisis Situation (6.6%) and Psychological Aid (5.8%) service categories were also in demand. Map of good deeds available on the service provides information on various projects of non-profit organizations (NGOs) that help different categories of residents.

The Social Navigator project allows Moscow residents to find the social services provided by the city and NGOs that can be helpful, depending on their life situation, needs and social status. The project helps to create a sustainable digital platform, IT infrastructure, digital services for finding and receiving relevant social services. This helps people get the support they need in a particular life situation on time.

The project creates an information and communication infrastructure that helps people to receive information about the comprehensive social support of the city and NGOs. Thanks to the project, people get unhindered access to information about free social services, assistance provided, which for many is vital in difficult life circumstances.

Social Navigator is completely safe to use, because all services of public sector institutions and NGOs have been verified. This platform serves as a great example of how electronic government and digital public services can benefit people, simplify their life and provide support to socially vulnerable categories of citizens.

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  • Launch date: 2019
logo Social Navigator
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Latest update:04.21.2021
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