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15-th Annual Survey of the Software Development Export Industry of Russia


In February-April 2018, Association of Russian software enterprises (Russoft) surveyed over 160 market players, received expert assessments from dozens of managers of software development companies and studied various sources of information.

  • 2018 was marked by continuation of a certain growth of the Russian economy as well as by a remarkable increase of sales of Russian software companies not only abroad, but also on the domestic market.
  • The deepening in the geopolitical conflict between Russia and the USA and new anti-Russian sanctions could not help increasing sales growth of Russian IT companies on the US and the EU mature markets, at the same time they created preconditions for strengthening the position of our industry in the developing markets where Russia proved to be capable of providing alternative solutions in the security sphere, de facto offering these countries “Digital sovereignty”.
  • The mechanism of state support of hi-tech, represented by the Russian Export Center remains in effect. The Program “Digital economy” is in progress. All these State support programs provide good prospects for the development of the software industry in Russia for next years to come.
  • The volume of foreign sales of software and of software development services of Russian companies grew by 19% and reached $8.8 billion. Eight service companies were included in the Rating of 100 top service companies in the world (according to IAOP). Russian software vendors continued to strengthen their position in“Gartner magic quadrants” where success of our companies in the cyber security should be particularly noted. 
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