Russia has participated in PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey for the sixth time. Over 22,000 global consumers were interviewed between August and October 2017. 652 respondents in Russia took part in the survey (all respondents make at least one online purchase a year).

Key findings: 

  • Shoppers use smartphones for online purchases. Mobile commerce is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. In 2017, 63% of respondents reported that they regularly use their smartphones to make purchases, compared to only 44% in 2015. Consumers in the 25-44 age group are the biggest driver of this trend. Among this group, the share of those who shop with smartphones increased significantly to 69% in 2017. Younger shoppers (18-24) are also among the trendsetters (68% claim to use their phones regularly for shopping).
  • Social networks become more influential than retailers websites. More than a third of Russian respondents mentioned that social networks (e.g. Facebook and Vkontakte) and mobile apps play an important role in enticing them to make purchases. Almost a third of respondents cited the influence of photo-sharing apps like Instagram. 
  • “Technologies of the future” are changing retail. New technologies are also influencing delivery practices. In other countries, ground and aerial drones are already being used to transport and store goods, as well as for last-mile deliveries. It is therefore no surprise that almost one-third of survey participants, both around the world and in Russia, said they are ready to receive deliveries, especially of inexpensive goods, via drone.           
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