The Institute for Enterprise Issues and J’son & Partners Consulting conducted the second phase of the Russian CRM market research.

  • In 2019, the number of Russian companies using CRM systems increased by 21.4%. Over the year, the penetration rate of CRM in Russia has grown by 3 percentage points - from 14% to 17%.
  • The most common CRM systems in Russia are: Bitrix24, AmoCRM, Bpm’online sales, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, 1C: First Bit,, Systems Click and Zoho.
  • The share of Bitrix24 in 2019 was 43.5% (39.3% in 2018). The share of the other CRMs included in the top-9 was 30.8%. About 7% of companies in which CRM is installed use their own programs. 18.8% of companies that use CRM could not remember the technology’s name.
  • The number of businesses that are aware of CRM has increased by 24%. They account for 45% of the total number of companies in Russia. Nevertheless, more than half of Russian companies still have not heard of such software. 60% of the survey participants that have never heard of CRM are business leaders and owners.
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