According to Kaspersky Lab survey, over the past 12 months Russian small and medium-sized businesses have spent an average of 4.7 million rubles ($68 thousand) each on securing their corporate perimeter - it is almost twice as much as during the same period a year earlier (2.4 million rubles, equivalent to $31 thousand).

  • One of the main drivers of investment in information security was the need for business to improve cyber literacy of employees - more than 40% of all survey participants said that this was the determining factor for their company.
  • Every fifth respondent said that the decision to invest in strengthening information security had been made because of a cyber incident within the organization, including data breaches. In 2020, the average cost of the losses caused by a data breach for a small company was 1.9 million rubles.
  • The overall percentage of spending on cybersecurity for the SMEs did not change: as in the previous 12 months, it amounted to 20% of the total IT budget.
  • For 70% of Russian companies the issue of data protection is the main challenge in cybersecurity. 59% of companies are worried about the lack of awareness of the staff of information security issues and 43% are concerned about the cost of securing complex technical environments.
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