This quarter has been dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has shaken up many things in the world, including the DDoS market. Contrary to the forecast in the last report, there was a significant increase in both the quantity and quality of DDoS attacks in Q1 2020.

The number of attacks doubled against the previous reporting period, and by 80% against Q1 2019. The attacks also became longer: we observed a clear rise in both the average and maximum duration. The first quarter of every year sees a certain spike in DDoS activity, but this kind of surge wasn't expected.

Against a backdrop of overall growth, the share of smart attacks remained virtually unchanged over the past year: the first quarters of 2019 and 2020 were at the same level, around 42%. This points to a rise in interest in DDoS attacks on the part of both professionals and amateurs: the number of overall attacks is growing at the same pace as the number of smart attacks, so the proportion has not changed.

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