The Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge of the Higher School of Economics presents data on the export and import of technologies in Russia, characterizing the country’s position in foreign markets, the scale and degree of its participation in global value chains.

  • The value of Russian exports and imports of technologies in current prices increased in 2001–2019 by 14.6 and 12.2 times respectively, reaching in 2019 the maximum values for the entire period under consideration - $3.5 and 4.8 billion. The total foreign trade turnover of technologies in Russia in 2019 amounted to $8.4 billion.
  • Engineering services dominated in the technological exports and imports of Russia in 2019 (73.5 and 58.4% respectively).
  • The total shares of payments related to patents for inventions, selection inventions, utility models and patent licenses are minimal: 1.1% for exports and 4.9% for imports.
  • OECD countries remain the leaders in the structure of Russian technology imports: their share in 2019 reached 81.3% of the total payments. The share of the CIS was only 1.2%; other countries - 17.6%.
  • The largest transaction flows from Russia were directed to the Czech Republic ($820 million), Germany (665.9), the USA (564.1), China (400), France (346.5), the Netherlands (221.7), Switzerland (195), Turkey (194.7), Great Britain (177.9), Korea (162.2) and Cyprus ($133.3 million).
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