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Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2018-2022


In 2017, the entertainment and media industry in Russia continued to show strong growth, with an upward trend expected through 2018 and over the next several years. The positive trend was facilitated by the sustainable trajectory of growth achieved by the Russian economy, for one, and by the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a large-scale sporting event hosted by Russia.

  • The modern Russian entertainment and media market reflects the primary trends seen in developed countries: convergence redefines the competitive playing field; the integration of new technologies is capable of both simplifying business processes and creating content; and personalisation helps to draw and maintain audiences.
  • The current lines between traditional media market players and other participants are blurring. The market is being invaded by new rivals from adjacent industries that have become full-fledged players in the entertainment and media market, as well as by small new media companies that offer niche products and services.
  • AI combined with big data analytics and machine learning helps to create personalised content in the broader sense.
  • Looking five years ahead, PwC predicts that the media market will demonstrate a GAGR of 8,8% which is twice the global rate.
  • Similar to the past several years, the newspaper segment in Russia will continue to demonstrate negative rates of growth. Internet access, Internet advertising, OTT video, e-sports and VR will grow more than the Russian media market in general. Internet access will be the leader among all segments with 30% of the total volume.
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