ICT.Moscow and Smart City Lab of the Moscow DIT conducted a survey of Moscow companies and studied the prospects for introducing RPA technology. Representatives of 461 small and medium-sized businesses, 12 large companies and experts took part in the survey. The survey has shown that 79% of small and 86% of medium-sized businesses are familiar with RPA technology. 41% of small businesses and 52% of medium-sized businesses have already implemented the technology in their business processes. About one third of companies are aware of RPA capabilities, but have no experience with the technology yet. 21% of small businesses and 14% of medium-sized businesses do not know about the technology.

The results of the survey show that RPA technology has a great potential for development. Moscow market is very promising in terms of robotization of business processes, and the lack of awareness and inertia of top managers are common obstacles to its implementation.

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