SberCloud and NAFI presented Russia’s first study on corporate readiness to migrate to cloud. The study was carried out by aggregating data in structured interviews over the phone and online. As many as 582 representatives of SMEs and large business were polled.

  • As much as 77% of big Russian companies are ready to migrate to cloud solutions and 36% are fully ready to do that.
  • 69% of big Russian companies say clouds are essential to any company’s development.
  • Among small and medium-sized enterprises, 42% of respondents said they are ready to migrate to cloud solutions, while 19% of small enterprises and 8% of medium-sized companies declared their full readiness. Only 3% of large business representatives said they were not ready to use cloud technologies at all. With medium and small businesses, the metric stood at 9% and 17%, respectively.
  • Top 5 drivers to introduce cloud solutions: organizations’ lower current expenses, streamlined interactions among departments, improved data analysis time, more resources to solve strategic tasks, quicker decision-making.
  • The key barriers to cloud migration are still cybersecurity fears, small IT budgets, the need to restructure business processes and unpreparedness of senior managers.
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