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Russian IT services market and performance of leading suppliers in 2020


IDC summed up the results of the second part of the annual survey of the Russian IT services market. According to the results of 2020, the Russian IT services market was estimated at $6.75 billion - 4.9% more than in 2019.

LANIT heads the group of leaders. Other leaders are CROC, ITG, Jet Infosystems and I-Teco. The revenue of these five companies together amounts to a quarter of the total IT services market in Russia.

Last year the government sector experienced an increase in spending on IT services. During the year banks carried out business digitalization programs, invested in protecting the security of finances of clients in the digital environment, and invested additional funds in the development and improvement of mobile apps and Internet banking.

A positive trend in spending on IT services was also visible in the telecom sector. Despite the difficulties in the retail and wholesale segment, the number of projects did not decrease, but the priorities shifted towards the development of online commerce, the implementation of solutions for self-service and solutions for logistics and analytics.

Companies in the energy and manufacturing sectors continued to invest in projects to solve production problems and automate work processes.

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