J'son & Partners Consulting has completed the preparation of a study of the Russian market of biometric technologies in the period between 2018 and 2022. 

The Russian biometric market structure differs significantly from its global structure. While Fingerprint technologies continue to occupy a dominant share in the global space, there is an active penetration of Facial Recognition technology in Russia. Over the past 3 years, facial recognition technologies have increased their share in the total volume of the Russian biometric market to almost 50%, demonstrating a significant CAGR (106.7%) in the period 2015-2018.

The key factors causing facial biometrics growth in Russia are the following: a technological breakthrough in the field of machine learning naturally ensured the diffusion of Facial Recognition in the still unsaturated Russian market, the emergence of Russian startups with the world's best algorithms for face identification caused a high interest to this segment from large investors, as a result — the Facial Recognition technology in Russia receives significant support from the state (including at the level of legislation). In the next 4 years, the growth rate of facial recognition technology in Russia will be 1.7 times higher than in the world.

Vein Recognition in Russia is also a fast-growing and promising segment.  Over the past 4 years, the this segment showed 46.08% CAGR.  Fingerprint recognition continues to dominate only in the segment of ACS (mainly due to the lower cost), as well as in the field of criminology.

The key trend of the Russian market of biometric technologies is the transition from intra-corporate use of biometrics to the active development of use-cases related to customer services. This trend can be observed in almost all consumer segments: in transport (from video surveillance systems and biometric ACS to self-boarding systems); in sports facilities (from video analytics systems to biometrics integrated with ticket offices), and "paperless" technologies; in the banking sector (from physical access control and the access to corporate information systems for remote identification of customers in retail and HoReCa — to the accounting systems of working time of employees for biometric payment systems, personalized services, check-in biometric systems and use of biometric identifiers as an effective tool in advertising and marketing.

In this aspect, the key driver of the Russian market of biometric technologies is the platform of remote biometric identification, which creates a safe environment for market scaling through the integration of a variety of client scenarios on a national scale.

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