Russian Public Opinion Research Center presents data from the survey on remote purchasing of OTC drugs among Russians. The overwhelming majority of Russians (80%) more often go to the pharmacy to buy medicines, 4% more often order them online, 9% say that they buy pharmaceuticals both online and in offline pharmacies.

Over the past three months 15% of Russians have ordered medicines online. 20% of those who prefer going to offline pharmacies, rather than ordering medicines online, say they tend buy offline because pharmacies are located nearby, 19% say it is convenient, 14% note that there is no need to wait for delivery; 12% of such customers say they are confident in the quality of medicines sold in pharmacies, 9% of people buying medicines offline say they are unable to buy medicines via the Internet (9%).

  • People who more often order medicines online say they do so because of lower prices (73%), wider choice (28%), convenience (24%), time savings (23%) and safety(11%).
  • In the past three months the most famous sites for online medicine purchasing among Russians were (52%), Planeta Zdorovya (Planet of Health) (7%), E-apteka (6%), Farmlend (5%), Sberapteka and Apteka-ot-sklada (4% each).
  • Since September 1 distance selling of OTC medicines not only via online pharmacy services, but also via marketplaces has been allowed by the government. 25% of Russians surveyed said they would buy medicines in a marketplace, and 69% said they would not.
  • The majority of Russians (73%) believe that non-specialized online stores should not be allowed to sell prescription drugs.
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