Joint research titled “Sharing Economy in Russia 2020”  by The Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) and TiarCenter. A number of key sharing verticals was analysed during research, including carsharing and carpooling (ridesharing), short-term lease of residential and office property, crowdfunding, C2C sales of goods, P2P rentals of goods, and online marketplaces for self-employed service providers. 
Russia is characterized by a high concentration of population and consumer demand in few major cities. This is reflected in the current status of sharing services, many of which have been widely adopted in Moscow and a couple of other large cities (e.g. carsharing, office sharing, accommodation rentals).
Russia is also characterized by high internet penetration. According to Mediascope and GfK data, about 90 million Russians use the internet, most of whom (61%) are mobile users. According to PayPal and Data Insight, most Russians make online payments at least once a year. The spread of mobile internet and online payment is an essential condition for development of collaborative consumption in Russia.
Transport sharing solutions are especially relevant in Russia. Due to the considerable distances between towns and uneven development of railroads, the Russian carpooling market really stands out: the Russian ridesharing community includes about 16 million people, making it the largest in Europe.
In Moscow, due to its complicated situation with parking in the city center and thanks to support from city authorities, carsharing is experiencing a boom. According to the Moscow government, the city’s combined carsharing fleet is likely to reach 15,000 units by the end of 2018 and become the largest fleet among all European cities (according to some estimates, even the largest in the world).

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