According to the report by Kaspersky Lab, in Q2 of 2021, after a prolonged decline, the share of spam in global mail traffic started to grow again and averaged 46.56% (0.89 percentage points more than in the previous reporting period).

The top 10 countries from which the biggest amount of spam was sent did not change compared to the first quarter. Russia is in first place (26.07%), and the amount of spam sent from Russia increased by 3.6 pp. It is followed by Germany (13.97%) and the United States (11.24%): the share of spam sent from these countries in the global amount of spam slightly decreased. China remains in fourth place (7.78%).

COM (31.67%) is the traditional leader among top-level domain extensions in which cyber criminals most often posted phishing pages. The ORG domain (8.79%) moved up to second place, and the XYZ domain (8.51%) is in third place.

For the first time since the start of the pandemic online stores (19.54%) are not in first place in the ranking of organizations that cyber criminals most often use as bait. Global Internet portals (20.85%) moved up to first place in Q2.The share of both these categories increased by 3.77 and 5.35 percentage points compared to Q1. Banks are still in third place(13.82%), their share in the second quarter increased by 3.78 pp.

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