This report by PwC is based on the data obtained during a survey of respondents from various industries in Russia. The survey included five general questions to provide an overview of the respondents and 26 special questions divided into three sections: perception of cloud technologies, experience using them and factors that hinder the adoption of cloud technologies.

Key findings:

  • Most organisations in Russia are active users of cloud technologies, with 66% being either leaders or followers in cloud adoption.
  • Most respondents are using or going to use hybrid or private clouds (30% and 29% respectively).
  • Given the overall maturity of IT technologies in Russia, companies, not surprisingly, started to use cloud solutions almost as soon as they emerged (30% of organisations have been using cloud technologies for more than 5 years).
  • A majority of respondents knows global market leaders (Big 3: Amazon, Microsoft and Google) and are quite familiar with local public cloud providers (Yandex.Cloud,
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