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Russian market for legal online video services. First half of 2021


According to a study conducted by TelecomDaily, the total revenue of legal online video services in Russia amounted to 21.9 billion rubles, which is 24% higher than in the previous year. According to the forecasts, revenue of OTT services by the end of 2021 will grow by 25-30% - compared to 50% or even more in previous reporting periods.

In terms of revenue of the players during the six months period, the situation has not changed - ivi is the leader with almost twice as much revenue as the player in second place has, however, only one service - Kinopoisk HD - shows a noticeable growth.

In terms of advertising revenue, the leader is YouTube - 32.1%, ivi and Megogo have increased revenue up to 23% and 15%, respectively. In terms of average revenue per user, the leaders are Kinopoisk HD (278 rubles), KION (270 rubles) and Start (217 rubles).

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