The study on Russian Digital Economy Companies was conducted by RVC, state fund of funds and a development institution in the Russian venture capital market. Project contains an analysis of the activities of about 400 small and medium-sized companies in the field of creating and commercializing products and services based on end-to-end technologies of the digital economy in Russia.  

The study highlighted the top 50 leading companies in each business category based on an analysis of indicators such as annual revenue, growth, the use of end-to-end technologies, patent activity, and export potential.  Study included companies that develop quantum technologies in Russia, neurotechnology and artificial intelligence, virtual reality technology, big data, industrial Internet, wireless technology, robotics and sensor components, distributed registries, and new manufacturing technologies. 

According to the study, the bulk of digital technology companies are concentrated in Moscow and the Moscow Region (50% of companies and 92 billion rubles in total revenue). This is followed by the Leningrad Region (13% and 28 billion rubles), the Republic of Tatarstan (3% and 4 billion rubles), Novosibirsk Region (2% and 9 billion rubles) and Tomsk Region (2% and 1 billion rubles) — Permanent leaders in the ranking of innovative regions of Russia.

The most popular end-to-end technology among developers has become an artificial intelligence. Every fifth company is concentrated in this area, 17% of companies are developing virtual reality technologies, followed by IoT — 15% of companies.

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