Each company has its own understanding of ‘adequate’ when it comes to Cybersecurity. For some, it is enough to simply develop basic documentation to ensure formal compliance and avoid punitive sanctions from the regulator. While others see the importance of keeping up with the introduction of modern technological solutions capable of effectively resisting cyberthreats.

Russian developer of cybersecurity solutions BI.ZONE sampled 152 companies from the following seven industries: healthcare, media and e-commerce, transport, finance, retail, telecommunications and IT for its Cybersecurity maturity study. CS Maturity was assessed in 12 domains considered to be the most relevant and fast growing in the expert community.

Key insights:  

  • 46% of large businesses do not hold regular meetings to discuss cybersecurity matters with top management.
  • 38% of companies ignore the issue of CS awareness.
  • In 53% of companies, more than 1,000 confidential documents were accessible for any employee.
  • 1 in 5 companies is unable to ensure stable business processes in case of failures in their IT infrastructure.
  • 83% of companies do not have business continuity and disaster recovery plans. 38% of organisations do not conduct regular cybersecurity audits.
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