Leta Capital venture fund  presented  fundings of their analysis of 5 thousand LinkedIn profiles of Russian-speaking IT and tech entrepreneurs.

  • For every 10 male entrepreneurs, there is only one female.
  • Russian-speaking IT entrepreneurs live in 636 cities in 89 countries. Major cities of the presence of Russian-speaking tech entrepreneurs globally are Moscow, Kyiv, London, Tel Aviv and San Francisco. 
  • Within an entire sample of 5 thousand LinkedIn profiles, 63% hold Bachelor’s degree, 59% of which also obtained Master’s, while 10% out of total advanced their qualification at the MBA. 9% of all Bachelor’s holders have also studied for a PhD.
  • Distribution by speciality areas seems quite logical: almost 60% have a technical or engineering degree, while a significant part of their business education is obtained at the Master’s or MBA.

Among top professional skills which Russian entrepreneurs indicated themselves on their respective LinkedIn profiles are project management (18%), startups (17%), software development (15%) and business development (13%).

Based on the findings,  a typical profile of a modern Russian IT and tech entrepreneur was presented: Mr Ivanov, 25–44 years old, holds Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Master’s/MBA in Management, lives between Moscow and the U.S., 2 years ago co-founded an IT startup employing 1–200 staff, has 5 years of previous work experience across 5 positions. He is really good at Project Management, Software Development and Marketing.

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