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14 Moscow-based Startups Enlisted in Manufacturing Industry

August 20, 2021, 15:19 (UTC+3)|

TMK group, one of the world’s largest producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, plans to implement solutions from 14 Moscow-based tech startups.

The enlisted solutions include projects for monitoring work processes, the quality of raw materials and finished products. Among them, TML announced AURORAi, a service for high-precision non-contact measurements of an object; PIME, a platform for interacting with a personal information and control field; Neuroscanner, a system for automatic decoding of hidden defects using AI methods; Monitoring Predictive, a system for monitoring operating modes and predictive diagnostics; Navigine, an indoor navigation platform.

VR/AR developments for training and informing employees have also come to the attention of the company representatives. For example, ARPort SafetyVR platform for manufacturing skills and work safety training, Varwin solution for creating, editing and distributing AR/VR content and applications.

Product cards

AURORAi, PIME, Neuroscanner, Monitoring Predictive, Navigine, ARPort SafetyVR, Varwin

The startups were selected by the company following the PipeIndustryTech track of the Moscow Accelerator program. The track was launched in March 2021 in cooperation with Moscow Innovation Agency. More than 320 Moscow high-tech companies applied for participation.

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