What is ICT.Moscow?

ICT.Moscow is an emerging online platform launched to support and connect Moscow's expanding IT entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. It includes all the latest IT news, an unrivalled collection of IT research and presentations and a free-to-use discovery platform of local IT solutions with professional contacts.

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Special Projects

open knowledge bases and other projects by ICT.Moscow

4projects to discover
Blockchain in Russia
ActiveBlockchain in Russia

Tech base with the Russian practices of blockchain implementation, a showcase of ready-made solutions from Moscow developers and market analytics.Read more

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smart city moscow
Activesmart city moscow

A showcase of Moscow’s smart city innovations, urban analytics and data insights for global ratings and other useful content about smart city practices of the Russian capital. Read more

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AI in Russia
ActiveAI in Russia

AI knowledge base with more than 220 real-world case studies of how Russian companies implement AI across a variety of industry verticals.Read more

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