AI in Russia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that is actively discussed by experts and features frequently in the media. But, as polls show, business lacks comprehensible cases that can prove the technology’s effectiveness.

The special project will help to find new use cases for the technology’s application, project ideas and partners.

AI Knowledge base includes real-world case studies of AI technology applications in business, a showcase of AI projects from Moscow, market analytics, open datasets for neural network learning and exclusive materials from ICT.Moscow on the topic.

How Russian companies implement AI(226)

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The Atlas of natural and technological hazards and risks of the Russian FederationEmergency monitoring
Added 27.05.20
SberbankDefining office real estate class based on open data
Updated 27.05.20
LLC “Aimed” and FSBEI HE “Volga Research Medical University” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian FederationDetermining risk of skin cancer
Added 27.05.20
UAV “Altius”Carrying out military tasks in autonomous mode
Updated 27.05.20
“Alpina” Publishing HoldingAutomatic scoring of audio books
Added 27.05.20
Vnukovo International AirportIntelligent passenger screening technology
Updated 27.05.20
LinguaLeoImproving pronunciation in English
Updated 27.05.20
“Perekryostok” retail chainOnline control of cash desks workload at supermarkets
Added 27.05.20

Russian AI market overview

Analysts estimates and forecasts and research on AI

According to analysts of The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC), today Russia is one of the countries that determine world agenda and have potential global effects from AI implementation in economic transformation.

Due to realization of the national strategy considering artificial intelligence development, Russia can increase its share in the global market from the current 1-2% to 10-15%.

There are around 400 companies engaged in AI development in the Russian market, and 187 of them originate from Moscow.

are involved in AI development in Russia, 187 of them originate from MoscowOpenTalks.AI. Map of AI in Russia v1.16
are involved in AI development in Russia, 187 of them originate from MoscowOpenTalks.AI. Map of AI in Russia v1.16

Open datasets(46)

Сollection of open source datasets organized by topic

MosMedData COVID19_1110

Chest CT scans with COVID-19.

World Bank Open Data Catalog

World Bank Open Data Catalog comprises different data on all countries. The website features many indicators in various sectors - from finance to healthcare and education.

Data of the Bank of Russia

The website of the bank of Russia features data in the format of Web Services based on open standards - XML, SOAP, WSDL and HTTP. The technology allows to easily integrate applications, using the Internet regardless of the platform and the development language.

Open Data - Jobs in Russia

Analytical data on employers and Job seekers on the portal “Jobs in Russia”.

NGO data

Open data of NGOs.

Open Data of Stavropol administration

The portal features 14 datasets with data in CSV, JSON formats including lists of subordinate authorities of the Stavropol Region Committee.

Unified Interdepartmental Statistical Information System

Statistical data of the Unified Interdepartmental Statistical Information System.

Unified portal of the budget system of the Russian Federation

Over 200 sets of data of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Federal Treasury.

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