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2ROOMZ, Real Skills and Turfon Become the Winners of the Moscow Travel Factory Accelerator

October 25, 2021, 18:02 (UTC+3)|

Moscow Travel Factory has announced the results of this year's travel products accelerator program.

The accelerator winners are

  • 2ROOMZ, with technology that allows hotels to organize the sale of additional services through the site;
  • Real Skills, an educational platform for improving the quality of hotel services; 
  • TourPhone, a mobile application for streaming audio without the Internet and mobile communications.

Three finalists will receive a certificate of $7,117 (500,000 rubles) for marketing support from communication agencies. In total, 24 teams presented their solutions in the final.

Product cards

2ROOMZ, Real Skills, TourPhone

Moscow Travel Factory accelerator for startups and services was launched in 2020 by Committee for Tourism of Moscow. Last year's participants received marketing grants for the development of their projects as well as investments from partners. In total, 257 applications were submitted for participation from startups and 670 from regular students of the program.

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