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38% of Russian Employees Not Ready to Share Biometric Data with Employer

October 21, 2021, 17:00 (UTC+3)|

In a joint study, Jet Infosystems and HeadHunter revealed the terms on which employyes of Russian companies are willing to share their biomentric data with their employers.

The companies studied the attitude of working Russians to the use of their biometric data (unique biological and physiological characteristics: voice, fingerprints, iris, etc.) in the organizations where they work. For this, about 2,000 workers from 15 industries were interviewed.

It turned out that 38% of respondents are not ready to share biometric data for any purpose, about 55% are ready, but it depends on the tasks that are solved using biometrics, 8% are ready to solve any problems. Basically, respondents see the benefits of biometrics for gaining access to territory, computers, and critical equipment.

Most easily respondents are willing to provide data on fingerprints (41%) and facial images (35%). The main fears are related to the fact that the data can be used without the knowledge of the owner (47%) and that they cannot be changed, in contrast to the password (43%). 29% consider biometric data too personal information. 36% consider biometrics to be safer than other identification methods.

According to a recent poll conducted by SuperJob, every eighth Russian received offers to submit biometric data, a third of them agreed, 44% refused.

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