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A medical decision support system will be developed for the Unified State Healthcare Information System

April 21, 2021|

The National Center for Informatization, which is a part of Rostec, is creating a medical decision support system using machine learning and AI. It is being created by order of the Ministry of Health and will become part of the Unified State Healthcare Information System (EGIZS). For this project, software for analyzing big data will be purchased, and this software should be included in the unified register of domestic software.

Artificial intelligence will be used to analyze anonymized data on the basis of electronic medical records in the Unified State Health Information System. Medical records, medical test results, X-rays and CT scans will be processed. This will allow to automatically make diagnosis with a certain degree of probability and recommend the optimal therapy.

According to the experts with whom ICT.Moscow spoke, the Unified State Healthcare Information System will unite the country’s medical institutions into a single digital network and thus become the basis for building a medical ecosystem. 

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