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A Pilot Quantum Network with Open Access Launched in Moscow

August 9, 2021, 17:03 (UTC+3)|

Moscow-based universities MTUCI and MISIS launched a pilot quantum network connecting the two institutions. The network configuration was created for an open connection to third-party organizations and can be used to develop up-to-date cybersecurity applications based on the use of quantum keys.

The distribution of quantum keys between trusted nodes is carried out by the Quantum Key Distribution Equipment (QKD) developed by QRate Quantum Communications. Keys are generated at a speed of up to 30 Kbps, which is enough for the simultaneous connection of more than 10 high-speed encryptors.

According to Yuri Kurochkin, the director of the MISIS Competence Center’s NTI “Quantum Communications”, the project is open to participation for both software developers and organizations wishing to connect experimental sections of their infrastructure for the implementation of quantum-protected solutions.

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