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A platform for self-testing of medical AI services was created in Russia

September 30, 2020, 15:17 (UTC+3)|

In September, the Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine announced the creation of a platform for self-testing of medical services. The first working prototype of the platform is hosted on the GitHub service, and developers from all over the world can take part in improving it by adding verification criteria depending on the purpose of the services.

The platform provides an unlimited number of accesses to single samples of data instances from the test set in order to fine-tune the algorithms. It has uniform terms of use, and it is possible to test several services simultaneously. The platform also records the time that the software spends on data processing, and the developers receive an automatic report on the results of the testing.

Sergey Morozov

Chief regional radiology and instrumental diagnostics officer, Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine

Anyone can improve the platform and add the necessary metrics to it, using which the operation of the algorithm will be evaluated for certain medical purposes (for example, for the analysis of radiographs or mammograms). However, the process of adding will be monitored: only those scientifically-based metrics will be added to the platform operating on the basis of the Center.

Nikolay Pavlov

platform developer, project manager in the sector of medical informatics, radiomics and radiogenomics, Center of Diagnostics and Telemedicine

Initially, it will be possible to use the platform to work only with chest CT scans to detect signs of coronavirus infection, but in the future it will cover other medical fields.

The priority vector of development covers the aspects included in the experiment: detection of lung and breast cancer, tuberculosis, other lung pathologies, multiple sclerosis and other diseases. In the future, after the necessary requirements for the security of the transferred data are met, the platform can be used in an experiment to expand its capabilities and simplify participation and change of versioning for developers of AI services.

Link to GitHub repository

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