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A service to attract investment in technology startups was launched in Moscow

December 9, 2020, 10:20 (UTC+3)|

A service for attracting investments in technology start-ups, Investment Packaging, has been launched in Moscow. It is available on the platform of the Moscow Innovation Cluster.

The service allows to unite supply and demand for investments on a single digital platform. It can be used by founders of technology projects with a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) ready to go to market.

An investor deck and financial model will be developed for the selected startups. Then projects will be presented to an investment committee consisting of investors, scientific, technical and investment experts, as well as the Moscow Innovation Agency and the Moscow Export Center representatives. 

Each entrepreneur will be offered a calendar of events and meetings with investors that will help raise funding and facilitate entry into other markets.Startups that have passed additional examination will be able to apply for up to 36 million rubles. (equivalent to $491 thousand) from the Moscow Venture Investment Development Fund. An important requirement is that the project must have co-financing from an external investor, the amount of which depends on the requested amount.

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