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A single application for all types of transport will appear in Moscow

November 9, 2020, 09:53 (UTC+3)|

Maxim Liksutov, Head of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, announced the creation of a MaaS platform in the city - it will combine different types of transport and allow users to choose the most convenient route.

According to Liksutov, the mayor's office started to combine the parking payment service, bicycle rental service, Citymobil taxi aggregator and Urent scooter rental service into a mobile application. By the end of 2021, all city services and private transport operators, Internet aggregators, bicycle and scooter rental services will be connected to the application. Users will also be able to see the congestion of metro and MCD lines, ground transport, paid parking facilities and roads, the deputy mayor says.

Some cities have similar applications: Singapore has My Transport, Dubai - s'hail, Vienna - WienMobil, Liksutov adds.

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