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About 300 medical organizations in Moscow use AI

November 16, 2020|

About 300 medical organizations in Moscow are already using artificial intelligence to diagnose various diseases based on the results of X-ray studies. 21 companies have offered their services (38 solutions in total) in the field of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence integrated into the UMIAS radiology information service analyzes several types of radiology examinations - computed tomography, X-ray diagnostics, mammography and fluorography. These studies are used for diagnosing pneumonia, lung cancer and other pulmonary pathologies, breast cancer and for detecting COVID-19.

One year ago we started an experiment on introducing artificial intelligence into the healthcare system of Moscow. Our goal is to increase the accuracy of diagnostics and reduce the burden on staff. We followed the model of open innovation, so we do not develop computer vision systems, but involve developers, work out scenarios for the implementation of these systems in clinical practice, integrate these solutions with our URIS UMIAS, check the services for accuracy and the necessary functionality using a special method - and bring the tested and satisfying services to the doctor’s interface.

Anastasia Rakova

Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development

Sergey Morozov, Director of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Center of the Moscow Healthcare Department, spoke about the details of the research.

Today all doctors who use the results of X-ray studies in their work receive both original images and images processed using artificial intelligence. The pictures arrive at the database a few minutes after they were taken. The database includes millions of images and is constantly updated.

Sergey Morozov

Chairman of the profile subcommittee, Director of Diagnostics and Telemedicine Center

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