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AILA to Deploy an AI Solution for NLMK’s Industrial Processes

October 7, 2021, 13:40 (UTC+3)|

NLMK Group, a Moscow-based international steel products manufacturer and supplier, has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Artificial Intelligence Laboratories Association (AILA). The cooperation will focus on digitalization of various production processes, including IoT and AI.

The company and the Association have already launched a number of pilot projects. For example, NLMK Group and AILA member Biometriclabs are currently testing the use of mobile wireless vibroacoustic sensors to detect leaks in pipelines of enterprises. Such sensors provide constant online monitoring of the state of communications laid underground, thus, potentially allowing finding damaged areas faster. Such system will reduce the number of leaks and increase the reliability of the water supply to the equipment.

Thousands of startups have already passed through the NLMK Group's platform for evaluating external innovative solutions, more than 100 solutions have been implemented or are at the piloting stage.

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