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An AI-based chatbot has been launched in Moscow clinics to interview patients before seeing a doctor

February 17, 2021, 08:38 (UTC+3)|

An AI-based chatbot has been launched in Moscow clinics to collect complaints from patients before seeing a doctor. After making an appointment, the patient receives an SMS with a link to the survey form and fills it out in a free form. Then the chatbot asks clarifying questions, and the collected data is automatically transferred to the Unified Medical Information and Analytical System (UMIAS).

The application was developed in partnership with the medical company Doctor Ryadom. The chatbot was trained using anonymized electronic patient cards, as well as information from open reference books and databases on medicine.

Last week in Moscow, testing of an AI-based system for analyzing endoscopic tests started at the premises of the S. P. Botkin Moscow City Clinical Hospital.  

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