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An application to replace state paper documents with electronic ones will appear in Russia this year

April 14, 2021, 13:16 (UTC+3)|

The Russian government plans to launch the Gosdoki mobile application in 2021. Until 2024, it will allow electronic submission of up to 30 types of electronic documents, including Individual insurance account number (SNILS) , compulsory medical insurance (OMS), Taxpayer Personal Identification Number (INN), driver's license, etc. Paper equivalents of these documents (except for the passport) will no longer be issued.

The development of the application is envisaged by the project "Digital Profile of Citizen", for which the National Innovation System working group is responsible. It is assumed that the creation of the application will cost 1.3 billion rubles (equivalent to $17.8 million), developer of the app has not yet been announced.

In mid-February, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an experiment to replace a number of personal documents with their digital counterparts by the end of autumn 2021.

Prior to that, it was reported that in Moscow a mobile application for an e-passport may appear at the end of 2021. Later, it also became known about the intention of the Ministry of Digital Development to conduct an experiment to replace driver's licenses with QR codes in some regions of Russia this year.

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