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Analytics for the Programmer’s Day in Russia

September 12, 2020|

By 2024, there should be twice more IT specialists in Russia than there are now, according to the Ministry of Digital Development. The demand in this area is constantly growing: according to the latest data from the Moscow DIT, the number of vacancies for programmers in the capital has grown by 14% over the year.

Today, there are more than 6.5 thousand current vacancies available for programmers in Moscow, analysts of DIT calculated. For the third year in a row, Java, 1C and PHP programmers are the most demanded on the Moscow labor market.

Ozon: IT specialists Survey

One third of developers are self-taught, only 30% have specialized higher education. Only 21% of IT professionals are women. The most popular profession is a developer: 3 out of 4 respondents are programmers. 6% of respondents called themselves testers, and a little more than 2% are engaged in project management.

Habr Career: Researching the Demand for IT Professionals in 2020

In Moscow, the highest salaries are offered to Kotlin developers, as well as for the mobile development languages ​​Swift, Golang and Objective-С. The situation was nearly the same last year.

Alex Staff Agency: Overview of the World’s Most In-Demand IT Skills in 2020

Data Science (collection, processing and analytics of big data). The most popular hard skills in 2019/20 are as follows: cloud computing, AI (neural networks, ML, etc.), UX, mobile development (Android, iOS), Data Science (collection, processing, analytics of big data).

JetBrains: Developer ecosystem in 2020

Top 5 programming languages ​​in Russia: JavaScript (62.8%), Python (46.8%), Java (36.5%), PHP (24.5%), TypeScript (23.1%).

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