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Avtomatika, NIС and T Hunter to Create a Cybersecurity Solution Based on Open Data Analysis

October 7, 2021, 14:21 (UTC+3)|

The Avtomatika Concern (part of Rostec) together with the National Engineering Corporation (NIC) and cybersecurity company T.Hunter will create an information and analytical platform to combat cybercriminals, applying OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) technology.

The system will analyze an e-mail or a phone number, comparing them with an array of data by more than 40 parameters (IP addresses, information from payment systems, advertising identifiers, etc.). According to Igor Bederov, the Head of the Information and Analytical Research Department at T.Hunter, the use of OSINT will make it possible to obtain "a report on the identity of an object with information sources in text and graphic form."

The CEO of the Avtomatika Concern, Andrei Motorko, clarified that the system could be in demand from government organizations. In turn, a member of the board of directors of NIC Yevgeny Elfimov noted that the solution will be offered to the security services of commercial companies and law enforcement agencies.

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Igor Bederov, the Head of the Information and Analytical Research Department at T.Hunter

Previously, law enforcement officers have already shown interest in Big Data analysis technologies. In August, the Interior Ministry commissioned a study on the use of machine learning for solving serial crimes.

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