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Bank of America: Delimobil is the new leader in the Moscow car sharing market

June 18, 2021|

According to the Bank of America report, Yandex.Drive lost 9 p.p. of market share in Moscow over the year, and Delimobil became the new leader in terms of the number of rides, Kommersant reports. Analysts based their analysis on the statistics of the Moscow Department of Transport on the use of car sharing services from June 2020 to June 2021.

In terms of the number of rides, Yandex.Drive’s share in June 2020 was 48.7%, in November - 41.5%, and 39.9% in June of this year. Meanwhile, Delimobil’s share increased from 37.1% to 40.5%, and BelkaCar’s share rose from 10.6% to 15.9%. The share of other operators, including Citydrive (formerly known as YouDrive), remained at 3.7%.

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