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Central Bank of the Russian Federation is developing an algorithm to detect manipulations in the financial markets

October 9, 2020, 10:01 (UTC+3)|

Specialists of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) are developing an algorithm to detect manipulations in the financial markets. This was stated in an interview with Bloomberg by the head of the research and forecasting department of the regulator Alexander Morozov.

It can take about an hour to determine the anomaly in manual mode, and the algorithm does it within 15 minutes. This allows you to identify possible manipulation or flash crashes, identify the growth of the problem and respond to it in time.

Alexander Morozov

Head of Research and Forecasting Department of the Central Bank

The algorithm being developed will signal an employee of the regulator about an anomaly in the financial market and the need to take action; it has already been tested on the data of the dollar / ruble exchange rate collected since 2018.

The regulator also develops algorithms for processing data on price dynamics that come to the relevant department of the Central Bank from online cash registers. In addition to data on the banks themselves, the Central Bank plans to create a system that will analyze publications about credit institutions and companies that they lend in the media.

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