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Rusbase Founder Philip Ilyin-Adaev Launches an Aggregator of Medical Clinics MedAdvisor

September 21, 2021, 13:12 (UTC+3)|

Founder of the financial marketplace Philip Ilyin-Adaev launched the MedAdvisor aggregator site for private and public medical clinics.

The project is based on the clinics ranking, which is compiled on the basis of feedback from visitors and experts. Thus, the aggregator intends to systematize data on clinics, doctors and services. According to the founder of the project, now only the "skeleton" of the system has been configured. As soon as it becomes operational, clinics will eliminate problems in service.

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Philip Ilyin-Adaev, the Founder of MedAdvisor and

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MedAdvisor, is the largest Russian financial portal and marketplace with an estimated audience of 5.3 million Russian users, founded by Phillip and Kirill Ilyin-Adaev in 2005. In November 2020, founders announced having sold their share in the company for an undisclosed fee, estimated at around $29.9-41.9 million.

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