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BelkaCar Heads for Business Expansion

October 1, 2021, 16:23 (UTC+3)|

Carsharing service BelkaCar has presented a new strategy, according to which it intends to become a "diversified tech company", but will continue to develop short-term car rental.

As part of its New Mobility direction, the company plans to develop a tech platform for launching subscriptions to cars, as well as the BelkaTestTech service, which will allow taking partner cars for a test drive.

Another strategic direction is data-based solutions. Its products will analyze the driving of users, compile their profiles in order to offer new products to customers and partners based on this data.

We have never considered ourselves a transport company. We know how to manage huge fleets of cars, but the car has never been at the center of our business. We have always believed that the key area is IT solutions. These reflections have led to the need to develop in the direction of a technological platform that provides more opportunities for customers whose range of requests is much wider than just getting from point A to point B,” the Managing Partner of BelkaCar Elena Muradova said.

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Elena Muradova, the Managing Partner of BelkaCar

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