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“Brain, Health, Intelligence, Innovation” federal program is being developed in Russia

June 22, 2021, 09:49 (UTC+3)|

A new federal program named “Brain, Health, Intelligence, Innovation” is being developed in Russia. The program is prepared for the period until 2029. To develop the program, a special working group has been created at the Ministry of Education and Science. According to the Kommersant, the document with the content of the program was prepared by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Moscow State University, and in March it was approved by President Vladimir Putin.

It is planned to develop brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies allowing to control external devices (a computer or an exoskeleton) using electrical signals from the brain, which are transformed into control commands using artificial intelligence. The program also involves the creation of interfaces for controlling complex systems, for example, aircraft, nuclear power plants, cars, directly and remotely, using telepresence methods and avatars. In addition, interfaces that “independently form goals, assess situations and make decisions” will be created.

It is planned to spend 54 billion rubles on the program, and the funds will be allocated from the “Science”, “Demography”, “Healthcare”, “Labor productivity and employment support” and “Digital economy” national projects.

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