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Briskly attracted $3 million investment for production development

March 29, 2021, 18:10 (UTC+3)|

A Moscow-based startup Briskly, developing the B-Pay contactless trading platform, raised $3 million. The funds were invested by the British fund Gauss Ventures, as well as private investors. The round was closed in March 2021, according to the Russian Venture Telegram channel.

As the company clarified to ICT.Moscow, investments will be directed to expanding the sales department and developing production. In particular, the modernization of the Linnafrost refrigeration equipment plant in Vyborg, the acquisition of which by the startup also became known today.

According to the head of Briskly, Gleb Kharitonov, in 2021 the company intends to increase its growth rates, increase sales of refrigerators and smart micromarkets. In the future, the company plans to connect 3-5 thousand stores and food producers to autonomous trade.

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