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Care Mentor AI service entered the SBERmed.AI digital ecosystem

February 1, 2021, 12:10 (UTC+3)|

Starting this year, SBERmed.AI and the Russian developer of neural network platforms Care Mentor AI agreed to launch joint projects for the digitalisation of Russian healthcare. In the near future, the AI ​​system for determining pathologies of the chest organs will be integrated into the SBERmed.AI ecosystem and will become available to users. The first products of the developer based on AI are planned to be introduced into Russian clinics this year.

The main tasks that are planned to be solved on the basis of a single platform are the formation of an effective support system for medical decision-making, as well as providing new opportunities for scaling digital services in Russia. Cooperation on the digitalization of medical examination programs in Russian regions is also planned.


Pavel Roitberg, CEO of Care Mentor AI

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