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Data Matrix Gets Approval to Create a National Biomedical Database

November 1, 2021, 13:17 (UTC+3)|

Skolkovo resident Data Matrix, which specializes in processing and analyzing clinical data, received a positive conclusion on its digital sandbox from ANO Digital Economy.

This is the first of three necessary approvals issued by the regulator to make exceptions to the draft bill to Experimental Legal Regimes (EPR). As part of the sandbox, the company investigates routine clinical practice and collects anonymized medical data for further processing and analysis.

This legislative exemption is expected to increase knowledge about medicines, accelerate research on drug efficacy and safety, reduce costs and duration of trials, and expand patient coverage. With the help of the results obtained, they will be able to form impersonal analytical reports, which will be used in the future by medical, pharmaceutical and research organizations.

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Alexei Loleyt, the Chief Product and Strategy Officer at Data Matrix

In October 2021 Data Matrix announced that it will be the only company working on RWE research with Russian database, as part of the regulatory sandbox.

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