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Deep Longevity MedTech AI startup was acquired by Hong Kong investment company Regent Pacific

September 3, 2020, 18:45 (UTC+3)|

Deep Longevity was created in August after splitting off from Insilico MedTech company. The team focused on LaaS (“longevity as a service”) and was working in the following areas

  • development of AI systems to monitor the aging of the body at different levels (molecular, cellular, systemic, etc.);
  • development of medical decision support systems aimed at slowing down and reversing the aging processes;
  • development of markers that would allow to track the biological age of a person.

Several weeks after the launch, Deep Longevity was acquired by investment company Regent Pacific for $3.79 million. The Hong Kong corporation plans to build its own ecosystem on the basis of Deep Longevity.
Investors' interest in AI startups in the fight against aging can be described as a trend: a month ago, Gero attracted $ 2.2 million in investments.  

Insilico and Gero in May entered the international list of 100 AI startups compiled by AI Venture Labs, whose developments can be applied in the fight against COVID-19.

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