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Delivery Service Chefmarket Raises Investments from HelloFresh

September 15, 2021, 11:44 (UTC+3)|

The Chefmarket food delivery service with recipes has attracted “several million euros” from the German service HelloFresh, which operates on a similar model, in exchange for a 10% stake, according to HelloFresh’s representative.

The funds raised by Chefmarket will be used, among other things, to expand production and launch new products. Previously, investors of the service included Addventure, Mitsui & Co and Elbrus Capital.

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The revenue of ChefMarket in 2020 exceeded $13.7 million (1 billion rubles), while the sales profit reached $1.3 million (99.6 million rubles) and company’s net profit amounted to $2,466 (179 thousand rubles).

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