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Developers Using GosTech Platform to Sell Products to State-Owned Companies without Auctions

October 25, 2021, 16:28 (UTC+3)|

Developers who have transferred their services to the platform for creating state digital services and information systems GosTech will be able to sell their products to state customers without bidding. This was announced by the Minister of Digital Development of the Russian Federation Maksut Shadayev.

According to the minister, the customer, in turn, will be able to purchase digital products bypassing the bidding "without holding auctions and competitions." Shadayev also pointed out that from 2024 the use of the platform in the development of state information systems (SIS) may become mandatory.

As Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko clarified, the platform should allow using the developments that have already been made by other departments in order to quickly bring solutions to the market.

An experiment on the creation, translation and development of SIS using the GosTech government platform has been carried out in Russia since 2020. It will run until the end of May 2022.

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