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Diagnostic devices of Moscow hospitals and clinics united into a single digital network

January 14, 2021, 11:47 (UTC+3)|

According to the portal, 1,300 digital diagnostic devices have been integrated into a single digital network in Moscow: computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging devices, mammographs, densitometers, X-ray complexes, fluorographs and angiographs. Now all of these devices are connected to the Unified Radiological Information Service (ERIS) of EMIAS.
Radiologists with access to the service can remotely describe medical images, and ready-made doctors' reports are automatically loaded into the patient's electronic medical record.

We have completed the process of combining the diagnostic devices of city hospitals and polyclinics into a single digital network - now 1,300 digital diagnostic devices are connected to the Unified Radiological Information Service of EMIAS. Thanks to this, during the appointment, the clinician sees the opinion of the radiologist in the electronic medical record and, if necessary, can immediately view the image - this helps him to diagnose or prescribe an additional examination. The patient receives a description of his examination in the electronic medical record on and in the EMIAS.INFO mobile application immediately after the radiologist finishes filling out the protocol. A personal digital archive of each patient's data is also stored in ERIS: doctors can refer to it to track the dynamics of changes. All this significantly improves the quality of diagnostics.

Anastasia Rakova

Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development

According to Sergey Morozov, director of the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine, all medical images uploaded to ERIS are available to experts from the Moscow Reference Center for Radiation Diagnostics. This is the first teleradiology center organised in the public health system, noted Morozov.

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